Advanced Engine Treatments

Advanced Motor Flush

  • Internally clean, lubricate and protect modern engines
  • Remove and neutralise all harmful deposits from crankcase
  • Free sticking valves / piston rings
  • Improve compression and stabilise cylinder compression
  • Restore optimum performance
  • Prolong the life of new oil
  • Suitable for wet cambelt engines

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Top End and Hydraulic Valve Treatment

  • Restore the working pressure of hydraulic valves and eliminate noise
  • Remove deposits from valve stems and piston rings
  • Reduce valve train wear and noise
  • Dissolve dirt, gum and varnish in the oil channels and prevent formation
  • Maintain and improve system cleanliness
  • Contains EP additives for extra protection

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Advanced Oil and Gearbox Treatment

  • Reduce friction and engine wear
  • Fight sludge and acid build up
  • Reduce oxidation
  • Increase compression and oil pressure
  • Increase M.P.G
  • Quieten noisy engines / gearboxes
  • Reduce oil consumption and exhaust emissions
  • Upgrade and strengthen oil to prolong its life

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Oil Seal & Power Steering Treatment

  • Help to rejuvenate hard and shrunken seals
  • Revitalise oil seals, ‘O’ rings, rubber gaskets in engines, gearboxes and power steering units
  • Prolong seal and gasket life and maintain oil pressure
  • Stabilise operating temperature , minimise corrosion and reduce blue smoke
  • Provide smoother P.A.S. operation and eliminate noise
  • Compatible with most oil types
  • Contains E.P. additives for added protection and lubricants.

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Engine Stop Smoke

  • Reduce exhaust smoke + emissions due to oil burning.
  • Seal gaps between warn engine components
  • Increase compression
  • Reduce engine noise
  • Contains value stem oil seal conditioner
  • Strong dispersant qualities maintain component condition for longer than oil alone
  • Suitable for both petrol & diesel engines

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