Coolant System Products

Radiator Stop Leak

  • Non Clogging
  • Compatible with all coolants and anti-freeze
  • Effective in all types of radiators
  • Contains rust inhibitors and anti-squeak additives
  • Seals hairline cracks in engine blocks
  • Treats up to 22 litres
  • Will not clog heater matrixes or radiator cores

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Coolant System Oil Contamination Flush

  • Remove oil and contamination from the entire cooling system after head gasket failure
  • Clean header tank, radiator, heater matrix and hoses
  • Protect system during cleaning
  • Treats up to 7 litres

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Radiator Flush

  • Rapidly dissolves scales and other harmful deposits in car radiator.
  • Improves engine cooling through better circulation.

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Made in Britain

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