Fuel System Treatments

Petrol Treatment

  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Remove moisture from fuel system & protect against corrosion
  • Clean injectors and improve spray patterns
  • Free piston rings and sticking valves
  • Improve general engine performance
  • Dissolve varnish and non volatile residue
  • Lubricate upper cylinder area
  • Neutralize acids

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Advanced Diesel Fuel Conditioner

  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Remove moisture from the fuel system
  • Lubricate fuel pump and entire fuel system
  • Clean injectors and improve spray patterns
  • Prevent corrosion & bacterial/fungi growth
  • Restore all round engine performance

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Advanced Dual Fuel Hyper Clean

  • Improve performance, fuel economy and cold starting
  • Prevent corrosion and control fuel oxidation
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Reduce black smoke from diesels
  • Remove water from fuel tank and lines
  • Clean spark plugs and lambda sensors
  • Lubricate and clean the entire fuel system

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Induction System Cleaner

  • Clean and lubricate throttle body, idle air intake, air intake butterfly
  • Clean carburettors
  • Dissolve gum oil, varnish, and other impurities
  • Help prevent surging, stalling and hesitation
  • Reduce emissions
  • Clean P.C.V valves
  • Oxygen sensor safe
  • Safe on coated throttle bodies
  • 360˚ Valve for ease of use

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Soot & Carbon Cleaner

  • Remove and dissolve soot and carbon
  • Act quickly and aggressively, without damaging components
  • Dissolve baked on deposits on EGR valves etc.
  • Hep remove “stuck” injectors from cylinder heads
  • Remove deposits on turbo chargers with VVT geometry
  • Clean intake manifolds

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Turbo and Air Intake System Cleaner

  • Dissolve carbon deposit build up on turbochargers
  • Clean intake system and improve airflow
  • Reduce emissions and improve MPG
  • Resolve engine management issues
  • Prevent and cure over/under boost faults
  • Help remove deposits on EGR valves
  • Restore lost performance

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AdBlue Crystal Clean & Preventer

Sol-X AdBlue Crystal Clean & Preventer is an effective crystal growth inhibitor that helps
prevent breakdowns due to blockages.

  • Cleans & prevents crystals forming in fluid tank, fluid pump, AdBlue injector &/or SCR Catalyst
  • Helps to correct and prevent incorrect level readings from residual crystal build up in AdBlue tanks.
  • The most cost-effective way to keep the SCR injector clean and prevent crystals forming in the diesel exhaust fluid tank.
  • Physical & Chemical Properties
    Clear/slightly hazy, colourless liquid. Practically odourless. Non-Flammable pH7-9
  • Stability & Reactivity
    General non-reactive. Chemically stable, in normal conditions. No possibility of hazardous reactions if stored and used as directed




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