About Us

Sol-X was established in 2008 through a passion for a quality supply of high performance products. Brand founder and Managing Director, Richard Mason, developed the range, one product at a time with the customer in mind, the product performance and its demonstrable value.

“As a family start-up business, in our early years, we didn’t have a massive marketing budget to achieve overnight brand awareness. What we needed was a product that really performed and did the job the first time of asking. Working with our technical research and development team, we produced, improved and field tested every product until we knew we had it right. Not until we and our development potential customers were happy did we start to manufacture. We were then confident we could take the product to the market and show how good it was to the end users. This same ethos of quality product research and development still applies throughout our range.”

Key team members

Richard Mason Managing Director
Ian Ridgway Operations Team Leader
Paul Woodend Technical Sales Manager

in Britain

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